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Are you ready to transform your relationship with money?

Mindful Money Coach
Marnita Oppermann

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"What I didn’t anticipate was the mind blowing transformation that Marnita brought with her!"

- Kim, Cape Town

Become Money Confident 

Unsure about your ability to make the right money decisions and maintain constructive money behaviours? 

Let us guide you to become Money Confident, without feeling overwhelmed or that you’re on your own. 

Money Confidence is routed in a belief that you are able to make the right money decisions and maintain good money practices. It means that you feel sure that you will meet your money goals and will be able to control your financial affairs.

Money Confidence gets rid of worries and self-doubt and prepares you for an abundant future. 

A healthy money mindset and good money management behaviours are at the core of Money Confidence:

We aim to establish enduring change in your mindset towards money and to embed positive money behaviours. 

"It has enabled me to see through a lifetime of dysfunctional behaviour with money, so I can finally walk my path in the right direction." - Beate, Copenhagen

Working with us 

Our journey with you are built on 4 pillars:


  1. changing destructive thought and behaviour patterns that sabotage your relationship with and behaviour towards money  around into a positive Money Mindset.

  2. mastering what you have  through conscious budgeting & tracking.

  3. spending within your means, by curbing overspending and debt.

  4. build an abundant future through savings and investments



To impact more money lives, we predominantly work with group coaching, mostly on-line and in small groups. We offer a number of options, from public webinars to closed-group programmes, public webinars and corporate. 1-2-1 coaching sessions are only offered on an ad-hoc basis.


Our programmes usually include:

  • workshop handouts to support learning

  • exercises and assignments to provide insight

  • practical tools for you to implement

  • ​change tools to embed new behaviours; and

  • suggestions for further exploration to equip you further.

"I've shifted from being a 'victim' and 'martyr' money archetype to a 'magician'. I'm not emotional about money any more. I feel in control" - Desiree-Ann, Cape Town

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The basis

Have you ever heard of money types?


Okay, so what exactly are Money Types? 


Money types represent patterns that are unconscious drivers of behaviour that deeply influence your decisions; in this case as they relate to your money mind set. There are 8 of them.


Each money type will appear in your life in varying degrees as active or passive influencers.


The money types currently at play in your life are neither good nor bad. They should be seen as teachers with key life lessons, there to assist you in reaching your full potential, not only in terms of money, but in all aspects of your life.

Marnita Money Types


The trick is to become aware of your money type profile, which is extremely empowering. 

You will then discover how it impacts your decisions, mindset, emotions and behaviour around money. This will guide you taking steps using the strengths of each type to create balance.


By now you might be wondering how to find out what your money types are. Fortunately that is the easy bit, we can do that right now.


Click below and answer the questions, it will only take 5 minutes of your time.

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“Change your mind-set towards money, and soar from scarcity and fear to abundance and freedom.” - Marnita Oppermann

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