Hi! Just a few lines about me

You must be wondering who this person is that can help you to get things back on track. Well, there is a reason you are reading this website, and I know exactly what that reason is, I have been there myself.

Despite being a successful licensed accountant, I found myself drowning in debt in early 2015. I felt hopeless, anxious and desperate. I wanted a better life for myself – one of abundance and harmony, and one where I could leave a legacy for others, and not be a liability.  After attending money mind set courses, reading and soul searching,  I discovered this profound truth: 

My financial troubles had nothing to do with my accounting and math abilities and everything to do with my unhealthy relationship with money. 

At the end of 2016, I qualified as a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® through the Money Coaching Institute in California. I have been working with individuals, couples and groups since then and am thrilled to be able to share  what I’ve learned. 

I know first-hand, that what seems daunting and overwhelming when attempted alone, is possible when we get guidance. We all need a sounding board, someone to listen and who cares to help us understand our thoughts, beliefs and behaviours and assist us to finally do the things we want to do rather than just talk about them.

Let me help YOU, together, we can produce measurable results!

Marnita Oppermann

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