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There is a reason you have found this website, and I know exactly what that is: I have been there myself.

​Despite being a successful accountant, I found myself drowning in debt by early 2015. I felt hopeless, anxious, and desperate. After attending money mindset courses, gaining knowledge and insight and asking myself tough questions, I discovered this profound truth: 


My financial troubles had nothing to do with my accounting and numerical abilities and everything to do with my unhealthy relationship with money. 


​I had a lot of work to do to change my money mindset and put sound money management practices in place: but it has paid off, and I am now debt-free, have enough money for rainy days and have a growing investment and savings portfolio.


At the end of 2016, I qualified as a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® through the Money Coaching Institute in California. I have been working with individuals, couples, and groups since then and it has been extremely rewarding to see my clients gain Money Confidence.


​Let me help you to become Money Confident without feeling overwhelmed, or that you’re on your own.  I will guide you to spread your wings to soar to financial freedom and peace of mind.  

Marnita Oppermann

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I have not always been great at money management. Fortunately I have been able to make ends meet.  I was not on top of my finances, did not make good choices and foolishly gave money away to family and friends in trouble (even when I didn’t have enough myself). I got stuck in a rut of overwork and financial insecurity as a result.

The shift came when I left a rewarding job at the brink of severe burnout. Luckily my savings created the space for me to regain my physical and emotional well-being.  I also became more conscious of my money behaviours and learnt to say ‘no’. In this process my sense of purpose to unlock opportunities for others was reignited.  

My focus in the business is to help build healthy mindsets and constructive money behaviours, supporting clients to maintain the changes they make. As a registered Industrial (Occupational) Psychologist, with expertise in change management, organisational development and Human Resources in the UK, Europe, and Southern Africa, I can harness my knowledge and experience to help those who can do with a nudge in the back.

Let me work with you to make lasting changes and become Money Confident!

Sonja van Oudtshoorn

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