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I have been invited to appear regularly on Cape Talk Radio 567AM to talk about money matters. Click on the links below to hear my podcasts. Do let me know if there are specific topics you would like me to discuss.

Surviving 200 days without buying...

Recorded on 14 June 2019 with Mark Johnson

Maybe you have a money disorder?

Recorded on 3 May 2019 with Mpho Molotlegi

Prepare for your future.

Recorded on 8 June 2019 with Mpho Molotlegi

Transforming your money personality.

Recorded on 18 May 2019 with Mark Johnson

Put your money where your mouth is.

Recorded on 10 May 2019 with Mark Johnson

Common myths around financial peace31 May with Marc Williams
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The biggest money mistake (I ever made)

Four confessions of money gurus showing that even professionals can make mistakes. As pubished in Fairlady in July 2019

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Review and revamp your money habits

Understanding and banishing your limiting beliefs. As published in Fairlady in September 2018

Fair Lady.png

Fixing my money relationship.

I’m on my way to total financial freedom, all thanks to an attitude change. As published in Woman & Home in June 2018.

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I was R95000 in debt

Here’s how I got my money back on track – and how you can too. As published in Cosmopolitan in June 2018.


What drives your

money behaviours?

Have you tried to manage your money better but time and time again fall back into bad spending habits, never really managing to make the required changes? As published on  the holistica website.


Mom, can I have some money?

Since money habits are generally laid down in early childhood, how can you help your children adopt good financial habits?



Cape Talk

Over April to May 2018, I was interviewed by Sara-Jayne King, on three separate shows  - discussing my book The Money Code and How to Crack It,  providing advice on helping your kids financially and discussing women in business and being financially savvy as women in business. Mpho Molotlegi interviewed me in May 2018 about talking to your partner about money.

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Rise FM

My Book

My Book

Money Book Full Cover.png

The Money Code and How to Crack It


The Money Code and How to Crack It was published in the USA, early in 2018.

I had the privilege to collaborate with 7 other talented women, based across 4 continents.  We use our experiences and knowledge in a simple way to address practical, mind set and spiritual issues affecting relationships with money. 

In the book, you will learn small but significant steps you can take to become financially empowered.


My chapter, the first one in the book, gives practical guidelines on how to nurture a healthy relationship with money and to take control of your finances.

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